Headache case #33
Testimony from patient Salvatore S., a resident in Burbank California:

“I have a familial history of chronic migraines. So, following three auto accidents as a passenger in 1964, I was misdiagnosed as having adult-onset migraines. I was never without a headache, chronic neck pain, and a punching sensation in my left eye. The headache and pain caused me to lose many jobs. It was a depressing, negative influence in my daily life.

In my attempts to alleviate the constant pain, I sought help throughout the medical field. I was treated by many M.D.s, neurologists, TMJ specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, in emergency rooms, with holistic treatments, and at various headache clinics. Over the years I tried more than 35 medications
- some of them extremely powerful. But I had no relief - until I was treated by Dr. Zhao.

He listened closely while I recounted my medical history. He asked very specific questions about my pain's location, intensity, types of occurrence. He reviewed my X-rays and MRIs. Then he explained that my pain originated from a bulged disc and impinged nerves in my upper spine. That was the source of my severe headaches and neck pain. We started treatment and the severe pain began to fade. I got my life back. Im able to do things that I had abandoned due to the headache. Due to my bulged disc, I will always have some headaches, but now they are manageable and I can actually live a more normal life thanks to Dr. Zhao."
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